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What this tool is

Basket trading is for traders who know and understand the risks of this strategy, and have experience in risk and exposure management relative to the account balance.

What it is not

Basket trading is not for the impatient or the faint of heart. It can appear complex and illogical initially and requires a very good understanding of equity, leverage and exposure.

Current version:  2.3
Published:  04 August 2019
Updated:  06 September 2019
Operating systems:  Windows 7/8/10

MAGIC Bollinger Basket

Metatrader Expert Advisor (MT4)

Tired of loosing?

Here comes the solution.

An EASY to use like the ABC fully automated EA.

The MAGIC Bollinger Basket EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor with the use of a martingale system as an option.

The Bollinger Band and the RSI indicator are used for entries. 

The advantage of a Basket Trader, is the function to calculate for all open trades of the same symbol and the same direction a break even point. 

From there the defined TakeProfit will start. It is like trading 1-2-3-4-5, you name it, open Positions as one single Position.

The potential of a Basket Trader is enormous. 

Example: long, TP 25 pips

EURUSD first trade at 1.125 => TP at 1.1275 trade is going in the wrong direction, but don’t worry.

EURUSD second trade at 1.12, 

here the basket function starts working and calculate for both trades the following:

Break even 1.1225 => TP at 1.125

This is an EA which you set up and forget about. Let the robot do its job.

General Recommendations

Default settings recommend for EURUSD M15.

The product works all Forex pairs. Specify values in pips and it will automatically recalculate everything nevertheless what digit broker you are using.

You can use 3 risk levels:

1) A for Aggressive Trading Mode which includes the Mrtingale Function (the multipli will be defined by you) 

2) B for Balanced Trading Mode. The Position size quals the open position number. Trade 1 you start with 0.01 lot, means that Position 2 will have the size of 0.02 lot

3) C for the Conservative Trading Mode. You will define a Position size which will not change. All Poitions will open with the defined size.

Money Management:

you can choose between Trading Modes A, B or C.

  1. A_Aggressive Mode, B_Balance Mode, C_Conservative mode 
  2. Stopploss the standard is set to 250, to allow the Basket Trader to do his work
  3. Takeprofit the standard is se to 25
  4. Calculator for Martingale the standard is set to 25 % Trail. This results in a Multiplier for the next Martingale position of 3.
  5. Number of Max allowed trades at the same time. Standard set on 5

Bollinger Band setting:

you can choose and change the Bollinger Band Period and Deviaton. Standard is set to 20 and 2.

RSI setting:

You can choose and change the RSI Period, the High and Low Level. Standard is set to Period = 14; High = 85 and Low = 15. These settings showed the best result in EURUSD M15.


  1. Show comment the standard is set to true. You should deactivate it when runnig the tester. In the live version it is quite usefule as it is showing:
  2. Total open buy order
  3. Total open buy lots
  4. Break Even of buys
  5. Total open sell orders
  6. Total open buy lots
  7. Break Even of sells
  8. Account balance
  9. Number of Max allowed trades

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