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Current version:  1.0
Published:  22 September 2019
Operating systems:  Windows 7/8/10

MAGIC Money machine

Metatrader Indicator (MT4)

The MAGIC Money machine MT4 indicator calculates based on the Stochastic, Fractal and ZigZag the best possible entries in all timeframes.

It shows the best entries in all timeframes and all currencies, metals a.s.o

In the section Screenshots you can see how the MAGIC Money machine MT4 indicator defines and draws the entry points on the chart.

If activated there will be an onscreen Notifiction as well.

Inputs in the Indicator:

Stochastic Oscillator

K line period = standard is set to 10

D line period = standard is set to 3

slowing = standard is set to 4

Method = stadard is set to Linear weighted

Price value = standard is set to close/close

ZigZig settings  

Depth = standard is set to 24

Deviation = standard is set to 5

Backstep = standard is set to 3

Bar filter = staard is set to 35

Alarm settings

Desktop alarm = true




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