AMS Trading


AMS Trading codes Indicators and Experts in MT4 and MT5 for real traders who require robust, modular, reliable and extensible systems.

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·         You’re an IB or Trader with a clear trading recipe?

·         You’re day trading?

·         You’re forex trading, metals trading or stocks trading?



We’re engineers who build it for you with extensibility, stability and user-friendliness.


What to expect when ordering a GIG:


·         Your custom Indicator or Expert built to your specifications


You are Guaranteed:


     Highly stable and extensible potential


     Focused assurance and testing to specifications




Success Rule: Keep It Simple & Extend if needed


1.  You CONTACT us with your clear trading recipe. We quote.

2.  We attach specifications to a GIG Offer.

3.  You accept, we develop in close cooperation with you and deliver.


4.  Extend: You order an extension or change. We begin a Gig for your Specifications V.2.0.



The Keep It Simple & Extend principle results in highly successful and high quality solutions.


Cycles are always pre-quoted and individually considered (complexity, functions, time).


·         Possible trivial Indicator Order: $50*

·         Possible trivial Expert Order: $80*

·         Possible trivial Enhancement: $30*


(* Without source code)


Don’t miss our FAQ.



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What are some Pieces of Value to add to my EA?


Standard examples: Point Trailing Stop module; Session Manager; Dynamic Lot Size; Our Risk Math*; Exit Stop module; Margin Manager; GUI Component*; Persistent State File Memory*; Math Help; Embedding Indicator*; Combinatorial Value of ON/OFF Switch. (*More than 1 Piece.)


Can I add to the Specifications after the Gig has started?

Once you buy, we are in the Development Stage. To start another Specifications-Development-QA Cycle, you can buy a Revision (or new Gig, recommended) where you can Specify new requirements and get a quote for your evolving Specifications. Also see [Definition of 1 Gig] below.


I want a custom sound AND an Alert Popup

MT4 does not allow both Alert Popup and a custom sound at the same time. The MT4 Alert Popup sound (under: Options – Events – Alert) will override any other sound.


[Definition of 1 Gig] – “I want to test my strategy”

For 1 Gig, we do not do FREE revisions just because you change strategy after you try your Indicator/EA. Strategies will change all the time – that’s trading. If we already did what you Specified, please Mark Complete and Review the work. Then order a new Gig for your new request so we can code it.


[Base Indicator] Inclusions

Signal rule; All dependency Indicators’ paths and parameters; Alerts: Popup, Push notify, E-mail; Configurable interface symbol, draw-distance, color, size, where relevant; Configurable thresholds where relevant; Detailed alert: Symbol, Timeframe, Action, Details, Signal Bar time; No repaint.


[Base Expert] Inclusions

Entry Rule; Exit Rule; All dependency Indicators’ parameters; Static Lot Size control; Static Stop Loss control (Points); Static Take Profit control (Points); Ability to be run concurrently on many charts incl. after complex extensions.


Can you decompile or fix my MQ4 or MQ5 file from another developer?

No. AMS Trading does not offer dev-support for any code or system with unknown technical Specifications and documentation originating from or modified by a source outside AMS Trading.


Without-Source Projects and Future Source Retrieval

You can retrieve source on projects initiated without-source anytime from your account. Use the calculator on our official website to calculate a source assets acquisition value estimate, but always request us for a real valuation.